Geological, geomorphological and hydrogeological mapping of the territory:

  • Geological, geostructural, lithological and geomorphological studies and surveys, with elaborations of the relative thematic maps and geological sections;
  • Identification of horizontal stratigraphic surfaces of the subsoil for environmental and water research, especially at depth;
  • Study of potential and / or in progress landslides: executive and work management projects for security and arrangement of the slopes, definition of phenomena and of degree of stability by computer models;
  • Geotechnical investigations to support in the building and urban planning field;
  • Geognostic investigations, core drilling and continuous core drilling, static and dynamic penetration tests;
  • Design of mining poles, quarrying, mining, slope stability checks, topographic and bathymetric checks, calculation of volumes of extracted material, management of practical technical-administrative works;
  • Design and management of gasometers, MSW landfills, aggregates, asbestos, etc.;
  • Environmental impact assessments (V.I.A. procedure), cartographic studies and computer processing with S.I.T. and G.I.S. for the integration of geological criteria in the drafting of territorial government plans